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Why ebike?

One of the first questions I am asked is "how far can I go?". The simple answer is - as far as you can manage - you are riding a bike! Ok, "how long will the battery last on a single charge?" Well, there are many factors that affect this - poor road conditions, hills, wind, low tyre pressures (you should aim for 60 psi) the amount of effort you are making and the power level you have selected. Most of our bikes will comfortably deliver a range of 30+ miles. My best between charges is over 60! When you book your test ride (01704 807890) I'll explain how I manage it. If you ride at say, a leisurely 6 miles per hour you would be in the saddle for around 5 or more hours before you noticed the battery drain!


Next question people ask is "how much does it cost to run an ebike?" Happily the answer is just a few pence a week! Think about the cost of running a car - petrol, insurance, tax, parking fees (and fines) and that's before you even get near a garage for the MOT, servicing & repairs. Simply plug your battery into a plug socket to charge it & you're good to go! You don't even need to remove the battery from the ebike if the socket can be easily reached.


Ebikes are much kinder on the environment than petrol or diesel vehicles. Yes, a tiny bit of electricity is needed but compare that to the emissions of other road vehicles.


Ebikes are great way to commute for work - unlike riding a traditional bike you will arrive fresh and not drenched in sweat - no need for a spare set of clothes. If you currently commute by train, consider this. An annual pass to travel between Southport & Formby is currently (July 2017) £723 or just over £1,000 if you pay daily. With our bikes starting at £999 your new purchase will soon pay for itself!


Talking of public transport - transport links restrict where & when you can travel and they may not always be convenient for you. Not so with your new ebike! You can go (almost) anywhere you like, quickly, efficiently, easily and cheaply. Plus you can use routes that other vehicles cannot.


Please do not be put off if where you live is not completely flat - on your new ebike you will be looking for hills to ride up! Oh, it's even more fun coming down the other side of that hill!


Ebikes are a great way for you to get a bit of daily exercise. Don't worry if you have done little or no exercise in a while - remember - YOU control the power so you can have as much - or as little - help as you need.


One last thing, if you're not already convinced, I have discovered that on my bike I get to see where I live with different eyes and there is so much that I had not noticed before! Get a box or panniers for your bike to pack the flask (or bottle) with the sandwiches and make a full day of it out on your new electric bike!